Books available in the Fiction category:

Finding Jupiter (Fiction/Literary)

Finding Jupiter (Fiction/Literary)






Finding Jupiter is about the dichotomy between an everyday person just trying to make it through a societal collapse, and the governmental elite who wish to never let a crisis go to waste.







Cover for the Novel "Chasing Jupiter"

Chasing Jupiter (Fiction/Literary)

Chasing Jupiter, the story of a musician’s quest to find purpose when the United States collapses.








Neuroptera Cover

Neuroptera (Fiction/Retro Sci-Fi)




Neuroptera, a Retro Sci-Fi thriller.









Single Event Upset Cover

Single Event Upset (Fiction/Suspense)

 Single Event Upset, a science fiction thriller by Cole J. Freeman.







The Dark Purpose by Cole J. Freeman

The Dark Purpose (Fiction/Thriller)






The Dark Purpose, a supernatural thriller.






The Immaculate Soul

The Immaculate Soul (Fiction/Short Story)






The Immaculate Soul, a free e-short by Cole J. Freeman.