Chasing Jupiter

Cover for the Novel "Chasing Jupiter"

Chasing Jupiter (Fiction/Literary)


The United States of America is in a recession.  The people feel it—but are reassured by the government that everything will be all right.  A few sense it deeply, and move futilely to stop it.  They form political committees and stage protests, but nothing changes.  The government is drowning in debt, and the struggle for answers comes up empty.

In the midst of it all, a natural crisis strikes.  A charismatic leader emerges, but some suspect he may have been somehow responsible for the disaster, which caused an economic burden strong enough to tear the very fabric of the American government.  Reeling from infighting and economic failure, the United States separates into three super-states—and the possibility of impending civil war may hinge on the actions of two of the most unexpected people.


Available in an Amazon Kindle edition.  (paperback coming soon)