Finding Jupiter


Finding Jupiter (Fiction/Literary)

Finding Jupiter (Fiction/Literary)


A conspiracy to overtake the government of the United States is interrupted by an unexpected crisis that destroys almost all electronic devices.   Various ideologies are competing to implement their specific agendas for restoration, but a young man travels through the decimated civilization with a single goal: to reunite with a girl he had met in a chance encounter.  The only problem is that she was a world famous pop star, and he is nobody.

This is a story about conspiracy, politics, bad choices, love, and hope.  It is a tale that shows anyone can make a difference.  Each of us is, after all, only human.

This book is a pseudo-sequel to the book Chasing Jupiter, and both books span the same timelines; however, both are independent books and so the two can be read in any order.  Chasing Jupiter is about the path of a rising celebrity named Mason who discovers the power of fame; Finding Jupiter is about the dichotomy between an everyday person just trying to make it through a societal collapse and the governmental elite who wish to never let a crisis go to waste.


Available in an Amazon Kindle edition. (paperback coming soon)