Single Event Upset

Single Event Upset book coverPrepare for the worst—hope for the best. This was the creed of the Mission Directorate and the six astronauts attempting the first manned mission to Mars. In addition to the intense training, there was an exhaustive selection process for each astronaut. Psychological, medical, and sociological filters narrowed the pool to only the best individuals. However, the trip to Mars takes over two and a half years—that is over nine hundred days with no direct governmental oversight, no laws, and no court systems to give fair trial. What happens when something occurs that the mission planners found scientifically improbable? What happens when a person experiences a profound, radical behavioral change that no one can explain? Single Event Upset is a paranormal suspense thriller that asks these questions. The astronauts aboard Seeker 3, the first manned U.S. spacecraft to Mars, experience an unsettling chain of events that they must resolve… and no one on Earth can help them.



Available from Amazon in 6×9 paperback and in an Amazon Kindle edition.  Also available in a 4×7 pocketbook edition or 6×9 hardcover.