Win His Heart

From Relationship Expert A.K. Ivanova:

Win His Heart Cover
Win His Heart (Non-Fiction/Self-help)

A.K. Ivanova’s Win His Heart is a guide to save the broken-hearted.  It will take you from the girl that guys never appreciate to the “keeper” he can’t live without.  Win His Heart provides details of the personality  and attraction characteristics that make him want more of you.  The book helps you survive the first few dates and beyond with life skills that will make him commit to you and stay forever.  The author provides compelling real-life scenarios and relatable characters as examples of the way the “keeper” handles situations verses the “for now” girl—who always ends up alone.  Examples of topics included in the book are:

-What does chemistry have to do with it?
-Why do we only want things until we get them?
-What mistakes do women unknowingly commit that make a man run for the hills?


Win His Heart is a solid, uplifting book that will give you the confidence to live without fear—all the way from dating to commitment.  It includes a gripping chapter of “Do’s and Don’ts”, some helpful hints to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and an ending that will let you know what to do after you’ve won his heart.

Includes a “visual” chapter with images.

Win His Heart (Back Cover)

Win His Heart (Back Cover)

Available from Amazon in 6×9 paperback and in an Amazon Kindle edition.

Also available for other e-readers at smashwords.